Buggy servis

Comfortable game on an electric buggy

The possibility to hire an electric buggy is one of the standard services provided by the Golf resort Beřovice. The golf course in Beřovice has quite an uneven terrain in spite of being situated in a rather flat landscape, therefore a buggy can be helpful. You can then enjoy your game in the terrain without any big effort and for a very reasonable price.

You can reserve your buggy at the reception either by phone on +420 602 525 242 or by email recepce@gcbr.cz . 

The rules for using electric buggies in Golf resort Beřovice

  • Minimum age 18 years. 
  • Number of persons per buggy – maximum 2 players.
  • The movement of the buggies on the golf course is ONLY allowed on paved routes or fairways.
  • The players are obliged to respect the informational system on the course specifying the no entry areas for buggies. 
  • The return of the buggy from the hole Nr. 18 to the clubhouse is only allowed on the road inside the grounds of the golf resort according to the informational system.
  • The players are required to keep a safe speed, especially when driving downhill.
  • The driver is responsible to the proprietor for any damage caused by an incorrect manipulation with the buggy.
  • The driver is responsible for any health or property damage caused to a third person by an incorrect manipulation with the buggy. 
  • The driver is required to bring the buggy to the specified place after the game and hand the keys in at the reception.